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  • How do you get your clients such good prices?
    We leverage our vast network of dealership relationships to find and negotiate the best lease terms possible. Given our extensive experience, we know the true cost of the car to the dealership. We factor in all rebates, incentives, trade-ins (if applicable) and negotiate the best price possible!
  • What do you have available on your lot?
    We don't actually keep any inventory on our lot - we have access to all dealerships and their various vehicle make and models. All vehicles come directly from the manufacturer’s dealership and are received on dealership letterhead. All warranties are included.
  • What happens to my current lease?
    Upon delivery of your new vehicle, as part of our concierge service, we provide the option for you to return your current vehicle to the original manufacturer via RMG. However, each vehicle is subject to our discretion and is based on vehicle condition.
  • Can I use your service if I have had credit problems in the past?
    RMG has strong relationships with several financial institutions with whom we do business with. We will assist in working with our financial partners to help you obtain bank approval and will present you with all financing options available to you given your credit profile!
  • If my car needs service, where do I take it?"
    Your new car warranty is included just as if you bought it from a new car dealer. You can take your vehicle to the dealer nearest you.
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